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Faithway Premium Scratch is a great treat for your chickens! This particular brand of scratch has five grains: corn, wheat, milo, popcorn, and black oil sunflower seeds.  The milo boosts calcium levels, which helps strengthen your chickens' egg shells.


Hi-Yield Killzall is the most effective weed killer we have in stock.  It's work better than Round-Up, and it costs less too.  Killzall works from the bottom of the root up, so it might take a little while for you to see its effects, but what it kills, it kills for good.  We sell this product to TVA by the truckload, so you know it works!

Taste of the Wild High Prairie

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This dog food is made with high quality ingredients that dogs love: bison, sweet potatoes, and lamb.  It's also grain free!  Taste of the Wild dog food promotes skin and coat health, improves energy levels, and boosts the immune system. 

Pennine Farm Supply carries everything you need to be a successful farmer and then some.  Whether you need automotive supplies, seeds for your garden, feed for your critters, or hardware for general maintenance, we look forward to supplying your farming experience. 

Local Honey

Kenneth Keith from Dayton Mountain makes the honey you see in the mason jars.  The honey in the plastic containers comes from Rockwood Mountain.  Local honey not only tastes great and helps local businesses, it also lessens the symptoms of seasonal allergies!


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